Logging Truck Accidents

Overweight trucks with excessive loads and speeding of log trucks cause most accidents.

Everyday thousands of logging trucks loaded with logs are traveling on the highways and roads throughout the United States. One major problem is that logging truck operators often haul more logs than is legally permitted in the roads in order to make more money, cover their overhead expenses and pay their drivers. Overweight log trucks pose a serious hazard on the highways and to all of the motoring public. The excessive weighted trucks also severely damage the roads and are harder to control at highway speeds, harder to stop in emergency braking and poise a rollover problem as well.

Trucking of the logs is the most visible and often the most expensive phase of a timber harvesting operation, accounting for as much as 40 percent to 60 percent of the total logging cost. Besides overloaded trucks of logs, another most serious problem involves these same drivers speeding with these trailers of logs. Speeding by these log trucks operators cause the most deadly logging accidents, not only to the traveling public, but to the log truck drivers themselves.

Logging Truck Accidents

Reasons for So Many Log Truck Related Accidents

  • Excessive weight / Overloaded logging trucks on the roads and highways;
  • Speeding- Logging Trucks traveling at excessive speeds with a full load of logs;
  • Logs not properly secured; logs falling off
  • Chains or binders coming loose during transit of logs allowing logs to fall off;
  • Chain binders falling off onto highway;
  • Inexperienced truck drivers;
  • Logging truck rollover due to trailer length too short;
  • Rollovers due to excessive loads of logs on log truck/ trailer;
  • Excessive mud on tires from logging trucks causing slippery roads;
  • Crosswise-loaded logs falling off;
  • Excessive length of logs becoming a hazard to vehicles behind the trailer;
  • Unmarked or unflagged loads, Logs without any marking or flags at end of load;
  • Non working lights or reflectors on truck and trailer;
  • Defective, faulty or poorly maintained brakes on the logging truck and trailer;
  • Roads too narrow to allow a loaded log truck and others to travel at highway speeds,

Logging Truck Accident Lawsuit

If a loved one has suffered a serious injury or accidental death in a logging truck accident, then you may have a right to file a lawsuit case against the negligent logging truck operator, Timber Company and other entities. Call now and get your questions answered. Talk to a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer.

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