Logging Truck AccidentsSpecially designed, logging trucks are heavy duty trucks are used to haul loads of logs from the logging sites to lumber mills, paper mills and other locations to be processed. The trucks and trailers carrying these loads contain steel uprights that are designed to contain the logs in their trailer beds. Using the weight and friction of the logs to self-contain the logs, the loads often become unevenly stacked with unbalanced weight proportions leading to dangerous and life threatening scenarios when these logging trucks hurl down winding roads and busy highways with other motorists. Unfortunately, the result of logging truck accidents is often serious injury or death to anyone involved due to the sheer size and weights of the truck, trailer and the load of logs.

In addition, many logging companies operating their trucks within state lines and are not as heavily regulated as interstate trucking companies. The potential for negligence by logging companies due to driver error, improper loading and lack of maintenance performed on these trucks increases the risk of injury or death to the operators of their trucks and other motorists on the roads in which they are traveling.

Causes of Many Logging Truck Accidents

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of logging truck accidents, these include:

  • Truck driver error such as speeding and improper distance control
  • Truck driver negligence such as a lack of training
  • Negligent maintenance on equipment (trucks and trailers)
  • Negligent loading of logs on the trucks and trailers
  • Excessive lengths of logs hitting and impaling motorists from behind
  • Excessive speeds of the logging trucks causing loss of control accidents and rollovers

Driver Error and Negligence

When a logging truck driver does not safely use the equipment he is entrusted with, accidents occur and severe injury or death the unfortunate result in many of these accidents. Any number of factors may contribute to negligent operation of a logging truck including use of a cell phone, sleep deprivation, or intoxication. Logging trucks are dangerous vehicles that are supersized compared to other vehicles on the road. The enormous weights these trucks and trailers carry require drivers to be trained adequately so they will not pose even more threat and danger to other drivers using the same roads. Logging truck accident injuries and deaths can often be prevented by better training and better company safeguards and driver rules such as banning cell phone use. Additionally the pay rate of tons of logs delivered per hour also increases the likelihood of negligent behavior, overloaded trailers, taking unnecessary risks, reckless driving and speeding. When a logging truck loses control, the crashworthiness of the truck’s roof strength, door locks, seat belts and airbags come into play and should be investigated to determine if those potentially defective products caused or contributed to the driver’s own injuries.

Negligent Maintenance

The lack of maintenance on these heavy duty logging trucks greatly increases the potential for loss of life and severe injuries involving a logging truck accident. A tire blow out or brake failure on one of these logging trucks can cause catastrophic injuries and death to other motorists due to the extreme weight and precarious nature of the cargo loads. The ability of a logging truck to avoid an accident is unlike a typical car that can maneuver itself out of many dangerous scenarios presented with. The heavy loads do not allow for much, if any driver error to begin with so maintenance on these heavy trucks and trailers is essential for every logging company.

Negligent Log Loading and securing of Cargo

Often times the logs are simply held in place by virtue of gravity and friction keeping the logs together between the steel uprights on the logging trucks. These log loads usually extend much further out than the length of the trailer and are marked by a small red flag noting the oversized load. In addition, chains are sometimes, but not always used to contain the log loads. It is difficult for the loading operators to ascertain the particular weights of each log and as they are stacked on the logging trucks, the logs often become unbalanced and the weight proportion of the trailer could be thousands of pounds different on one side vs the other. A negligently loaded logging truck has the potential to cause severe accidents and death when a loaded logging truck flips and its cargo is unleashed onto the surrounding roadway where motorists are traveling.

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