Logging Truck Accidents

Log truck accidents are extremely common place throughout the logging states in the USA. Though logging trucks are designed to haul logs from the forest to the mills, the logging truck accidents are too common place. Log trucks accidents often occur due to the extremely large loads of logs, too long of load, overloaded log trucks, inexperienced log truck drivers, driving the logging trucks too fast for the road and traffic conditions and fatigued and over worked log truck drivers making too many log runs per day. Log trucks may also overturn and rollover due to the overloading and log load shifting in transit.

Logging Truck Accident Prevention

Further, log trucks and log trailers may be poorly lighted, in poor operating condition without the proper number of safety chains and without sufficient warning flags on the back of the pile of logs. In some log truck accidents the driver of the vehicle behind is impaled by a single log that is too long for the logging truck and in violation of state and federal trucking laws. Also due to the rate of pay/ per load for the log truck drivers, the logging drivers often drive the log truck at excessive speeds which can cause or contribute to the log truck accident, overturn or rollover wreck.

Log Truck Accident Lawsuit Evaluation

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