Old Style Power Window “Warning”

The diagram below is the 2001 General Motors Owners Manual concerning power windows and children. It makes a casual attempt to warn consumers about children left in a car with the keys in the ignition. These vague warnings however do not go far enough as to warn the consumer of the dangers of power windows due to the inadvertent activation of the button by a child resulting in a entrapment of the child’s neck, torso or head, strangulation, choking or even death. In fact, no where in most owners manual does it even mention this a possibility of death of strangulation or entrapment of a child by an electric power window.

New Electric Power Window Warning (2004 GMC)

Many new cars in 2004 have the electric power windows that actually go down instead of up when the power window button in pushed down.This style of button will help save many children from accidental strangulation from an inadvertent activation of the power window switch or button. Why did it take automakers 30 years to start to make major changes to such a simple design ? Below is the newest power window warning contained in the 2004 GM owner manuals.

Electric Power Window Strangulation / Death Lawsuit

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