Seat belt retractors are designed with an internal pendulum which swings forward during rapid deceleration as in braking or upon impact. However, many times, the retractors fail to lock allowing excessive amount of seat belt webbing to spool out causing serious injuries. Even as early as the 1960’s the manufacturers knew of this problem and did little to correct it. If the teeth on the retractor spool do not engage the latch plate quick enough, then excessive slack is spooled out before locking, allowing the occupant to come in contact with the dash or pillar, before locking. In order to lessen this slack, manufacturers introduced pre-tensioning devices.These devices sense the impact (deceleration)and create tension (or take out excessive slack) immediately before impact.

Windowshade Retractor – Adds to the Slack Problem

Windowshade Device like a windshade found on a home, can add or introduce slack into the seat belt system by allowing the occupants to move about the car.Unfortunately, this extra slack creates a hazard to the user and actually undermines the purpose of a seat belt system. In an accident this excessive slack may result in the body or head being able to impact the steering wheel, roof suppports or dash, thereby creating additional risk of injury and death.

Shoulder Belt Injuries Continue

Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of thousands, if not millions of vehicles, without these life saving devices, and until all cars are equipped with pre-tensioning services, thousands upon thousands of people will continue to be injured and killed.

Defective Shoulder Belt Lawsuits – Injuries & Deaths

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of a defective shoulder belt system, then you may have a right to file a products liability case against the manufacturers of these dangerous seatbelts. Please call for a free confidential consultation at 1-800-883-9858.

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