Jeep Grand Cherokee Fire Lawsuit Americans who were injured or killed in a Jeep fire deserve justice. That’s why this law firm offers Jeep Grand Cherokee fire lawsuits for families of victims of Chrysler’s negligence. Why is Chrysler negligent? The automaker first designed and made millions of defective Jeep vehicles, namely the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Liberty. In rear-end collisions, such vehicles then had disastrous explosions and fires when their plastic gas tanks ruptured.

Jeep Fire Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association of the federal government beseeched Chrysler to recall and repair such vehicles starting in 2010. It wasn’t until 2013 that Chrysler finally — and begrudgingly — deigned to recall certain Jeep vehicles, but not all. In fact, despite federal safety experts’ insistence, Chrysler did not recall around a million Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles as part of its Jeep fire recalls. Instead, Chrysler only made Jeep fire recalls of certain Jeep Liberty and the mid-sized Jeep Cherokee SUVs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Fire Dangers

This leaves millions of Americans exposed to possible Jeep Grand Cherokee fire dangers — another example of Chrysler’s negligence. Such negligence began when Chrysler unaccountably designed Jeep gas tanks similar to those of the disgraced Ford Pinto of the 1970s, which had an enormous recall for fire risks. As with the Pinto, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and other Jeeps had their plastic gas tanks positioned below the rear bumper of the vehicle and to the rear of its rear axle. Since Jeep SUVs are high-riding vehicles, cars which are more low to the ground can puncture such Jeeps’ fuel tanks with their bumper in a rear-end wreck.

When a Jeep gas/fuel tank is compromised, fuel spills, and such fuel can be ignited by an electrical spark via the impact or the SUV’s own electrical system. The driver and passengers of the Jeep then could be severely burned if not killed by the ensuing explosion and fire. A minimum of 70 persons have died so far due to such exploding Jeep gas tanks, and many more have been injured.

Jeep Gas Tank Repairs

An exploding Jeep gas tank is reason enough to recall a vehicle, which Chrysler did do with certain Jeep Liberty and Jeep Cherokee SUVs totalling 1.56 million. Chrysler then began making Jeep gas tank repairs on such vehicles. Yet Chrysler’s "repair" has consisted solely of installing a trailer hitch on the rear of these Jeeps, in hopes it would help shield the gas tank in a rear-end crash. Chrysler only hoped or assumed this would occur since it did not bother conducting proper tests to ascertain the safety effectiveness of this measure.

Not only that, but Chrysler has moved at a snail’s pace in instituting this fix for these models. At the rate it’s going, Chrysler could require five years to complete these "repairs" as part of its Jeep fire recall, federal safety regulators estimate. Instead, Chrysler should be installing a metal shield or "skid plate" to the vehicles. Chrysler has not done this for the dangerous Jeep SUVs it has recalled. Yet it’s telling that Chrysler has made such modifications to the design to newer Jeep models manufactured in 2005 or later. In the meantime, many thousands of Americans are at risk due to Chrysler’s failure to make proper Jeep repairs for fire dangers in older Jeep vehicles.

Lawsuits for Jeep Grand Cherokee Fires

But Americans can fight back. Americans can seek lawsuits for Jeep Grand Cherokee fires — lawsuits which can claim fair payments for their family’s pain, suffering, lost wages and medical and healthcare costs following a Jeep gas tank explosion and fire. In fact, such lawsuits have begun. In April 2015, a jury in Georgia awarded $150 million to the family of a boy, 4, who died while he was a passenger in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee which erupted in flames after it was struck from the rear. Still more lawsuits for Jeep fires can come, whether for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Liberty. Whether or not a vehicle has been recalled has no bearing on whether or not victims can claim their just compensation after a defective Jeep accident and fire. And make no mistake: Chrysler has not even bothered to recall Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles produced from 1999-2004. Chrysler solely made a Jeep recall for 1993-2004 Jeep Cherokee SUVs and for 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty SUVs.

Get a Jeep Grand Cherokee Lawyer

You can get your own Jeep Grand Cherokee lawyer by contacting the Willis Law Firm. We have experience in nationally known lawsuits standing up for the rights of innocent Americans against negligent auto companies, and we can fight for your rights too after an exploding Jeep gas tank.

Such post-collision fuel-fed fires are the responsibility of a negligent automaker: Chrysler. We will hold Chrysler responsible for such negligence in the legal arena. Let us provide an injury attorney or lawyer for a Jeep Grand Cherokee fire lawsuit for you. Your family needs and deserves economic recovery for your losses.

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