Jeep Liberty Fire LawsuitFamilies of Americans injured or killed in a Jeep fire after a rear-end collision deserve justice. And they can get it by filing a Jeep Liberty fire lawsuit against negligent automaker Chrysler, whose design defects have caused dozens to die in post-collision fuel-fed fires and explosions.

Jeep Fuel Tank Defects

Such fiery fates have befallen innocent persons because Chrysler’s original design and manufacture of Jeep Liberty SUVs, as well as some Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee models, was glaringly deficient.The principal problem involves the SUVs having a plastic Jeep gas tank placed underneath their rear bumper and to the rear of their rear axle. For a Jeep Liberty, which is a high-clearance SUV, that means a low-clearance car hitting it from behind could puncture or compromise the Jeep fuel tank. At that point, sparks from the wreck or the vehicle’s electrical system could ignite an explosion, followed by a devastating fire which could engulf the vehicle, severely burning or killing those inside.

Chrysler’s Feeble Fix

Chrysler’s feeble fix for this severe danger, when it finally issued Jeep Liberty recalls and Jeep Cherokee recalls, was to place a trailer hitch behind the SUVs — a tactic which it didn’t even try to assess for efficiency in safety tests.

Meanwhile, despite continuing to deny any responsibility for Jeep defects — even while recalling 1.5 million Jeep Liberty and Jeep Cherokee SUVs — Chrysler began quietly altering later Jeeps’ design. U.S. safety regulators had advised installing skid plates or a shield of metal to protect Jeep gas tanks. Chrysler began doing that on models made after 2004. Chrysler also moved the Jeep fuel tank to a place in front of the rear axle, instead of behind it. These became standard features in later model Jeeps.

Jeep Liberty Recalls

As far as vehicles with defective Jeep gas tank designs, Chrysler’s response after its Jeep Liberty recall has been maddeningly slow for federal safety experts. They estimate that, at Chrysler’s rate, the automaker will need five years to install trailer hitches on older Jeep vehicles — and even then, they may not prevent Jeep gas/fuel tank fires after rear-end collisions.

And beyond being slow to make a fix, Chrysler did not bother to recall all Jeep vehicles noted by the federal government for gas tank fire dangers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had probed over 5 million Jeep Liberty, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Cherokee models starting in 2010. Then it called for 1.1 million Jeep Cherokees from model years 1993-2001 and almost 1 million Jeep Liberty SUVs from model years 2002-2007 to be recalled. The NHTSA also wanted about a million Jeep Grand Cherokees from 1993-2004 to be recalled. In the end, in a compromise, Chrysler only recalled a total of 1.56 million Jeep Liberty vehicles from 2002-2007 and Jeep Cherokee vehicles from 1993-2004. Chrysler did not recall the million Jeep Grand Cherokees advised by the NHTSA.

Jeep Liberty Lawsuit

If you need a Jeep Liberty lawsuit after a rear-end impact fire, or a lawsuit involving another Jeep fire, notify the Willis Law Firm at once. Our law firm has national experience standing up to negligent auto manufacturers, as evidenced by our role in gaining the largest tire recall in U.S. history when Ford issued a massive recall for defective Ford Explorer tires. Let us know about your Jeep Liberty fire lawsuit needs, and we’ll quickly provide you with a free legal consultation. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to seek a successful Jeep Liberty lawsuit.

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