18-Wheeler / Tractor Trailer & Tanker Truck Overturn Accidents

Almost daily somewhere in America a tanker truck full or partially full of liquids, diesel fuel, milk, water or even gasoline overturns. Often it is driver error, driver inattention, lack of training, speeding, improper braking or even due to falling asleep. Other times the tanker overturning may be due to a poorly designed baffle system in the tanker space in which the liquids slosh form side to side. Tank trucks are supposed to have baffling to prevent the load shift caused by a partially full tank. When there is an unexpected load shift, especially in a turn or hard braking, then the weight of the liquid cargo, may be too much to control and an overturn tank truck is inevitable. One solution to slosh problem is for the truck driver to never drive the truck unless the tank is full. When it is half (½) full, the overturn or rollover rate rises dramatically. Though installing baffles is not something new even with water trucks and fire trucks, some gasoline tank trucks on the roads and highways still have either no baffling at all or limited baffling. When a tank trailer is without proper baffles, the slosh of the liquids or load shifts and the center of gravity shifts to the outer edges of the tank trailer (tanker) creating a loss of control and tractor trailer rollover.

Tanker Truck Rollover Lawsuit

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