Oct 6, 2001 – Cooper Tire has issued a recall of 14,993 tires manufactured between Feb and Mar 2000. On certain P205/75R14 tires, excessive flexing of the tire sidewall occurs, causing cracks to extend to the body ply cords. This Cooper Tire Recall results from a condition could lead to the degradation of the body ply cords and consequent loss of inflation pressure. The loss of inflation pressure could cause the tire to run under-inflated and result in early tire failure. Also, air loss in the tires could result in a decrease of steering control, possibly resulting in a vehicle crash or rollover.

Cooper Tire Recall Models Include:

  • Cooper Trendsetter A/W Tire Recall
  • Cooper Trendsetter SE Tire Recall
  • Cooper Radial XL Tire Recall
  • Cooper Durasteel Tire Recall
  • Cooper Dean Galaxie GT Tires Recall
  • Cooper Dean Alpha IV Season Tire Recall
  • Trailcat All Season Tire Recall
  • Cooper Falls Roadmaster IV Tire Recall
  • Cooper Starfire Flite-line A/S Tire Recall
  • CooperLaramie Tempra Year Round Tires Recall
  • Cooper Sentry Deluxe Classic LX Tire Recall
  • Cooper Premier II All Season Tire Recall
  • Cooper Cordovan Centron Tire Recall
  • Merit Four Season 75

Size: P205/75R14

Defective Cooper Tire Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a result of a defective Cooper Tire listed in the above Cooper Tire Recall or tire tread separation of a Cooper Tire resulting in a rollover or serious accident then you may have the right to file a legal action. Often times the vehicle manufacture and tire maker and distributors are joined in a products liability lawsuit when a tire defect & rollover occurs. The Willis Law Firm has represented hundreds of seriously injured victims and families of tire defects and SUV rollovers.

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