Cooper Tire Recall – Injury Lawsuits from Rollovers and Accidents

Cooper Tire DefectEvery year or so Cooper Tire & Rubber Company announces tire recalls of 100,000’s Cooper Tires due to slow air leaks or cracks in the sidewalls or negligent quality control issues in its tire plants. Many of the Cooper tire recalled have resulted in accidents and rollovers by occupants of SUVs, light trucks, RVs and passenger cars that were injured or a loved one was killed due to a tire failure or tire blowout accidents, injuries and deaths. Cooper is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio with tire plants in Tupelo, Ms.; Texarkana, Ar.; Clarksdale, Ms.; Albany, Ga; Mexico and Kunshan, China. Many of the defective and recalled Cooper subject to lawsuits are due to accidents and injuries from tires negligently manufactured, critical components not inspected and poor quality control issues at Cooper’s Albany Ga. And Tupelo, Ms plants.

Defective Cooper Tires – Blowouts & Tread Separation Defects

textMany of the tire defects subject to the Cooper tire recalls are from cracking along the shoulder base, excessive sidewall cracking, accelerated degradation, omission of a bead, ply or safety belt, negligent bead assembly, outdated or inferior raw materials, poor formulation or mixing of compounds, excessive air in between layers, incorrect heating or times in molding. All of these manufacturing defects in the recalls and MANY MORE can be attributed to Cooper tire defects. In many of the recalled Cooper tires it was a defect in the tire that allows air to escape resulting in a loss of pressure. When this occurs, dangerous heat buildup can cause the tire to suddenly fall apart or blowout. Before the tire degrades and fails, often a vibration or noise occurs before the tire fails begins. Tire experts warn that when such a vibration or strange noise starts, to pull over and check your tires, but sometimes there is no warning to the driver. When this happens at highway speeds, loss of control and failure to maintain the vehicle can become a life or death issue sometimes resulting in an accident or rollover.

Past Cooper tire recalls include most every brand tire it makes including: Cooper XTR Mastercraft , Courser Tire Cooper Discoverer S/T Tire, Tempra Trailcutter Radial RT Tire Dean Alpha 365 A/S Tire Cooper Mastercraft A/S Tire, Cooper Starfire, Flight-line IV Tire, Futura Tires, Cooper Trendsetter SE Tires, Zeon, 2XS Cooper Tires, Durango, Dominator, Cooper Mastercraft Avenger ZHP Tires, Cooper Dean Mud Terrain Radial, SXT Durango Radial Tires, C/T Dick Cepek Radial Tires, FCII Mesa C/T Tires and Cooper’s Pro Comp Xtreme A/T Tires. Many of these tire models have been subject to multiple tire recalls by NHTSA often for the same types of issues over the years.

Cooper Tire Recall, Tread Separation Failure & Tire Blowout Lawsuits

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