Truck Accident LawyerIf you drive an average car, the odds are stacked against you in a traffic collision with a large truck known as an 18 wheeler, big rig, semi truck, tractor trailer or diesel truck. With their trailers fully loaded, such large trucks may weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while your car may weigh only 4,000 pounds. Do the math.

We’ve done it, and we see the need to represent victims of big trucks by providing truck accident lawyers to protect their rights. Notify the Willis Law Firm today for a free case review toward your possible truck accident lawsuit filed by a truck accident lawyer.

Car Drivers Are More Likely to Die

When vehicles of such disparity collide, guess who’s most likely to be killed? It’s not the big rig driver, that’s for sure. In fact, car drivers are 80 per cent more likely to die in a wreck with a diesel truck than in a wreck with another car.

The majority of each year’s 5,000 deaths in collisions between a large truck and a car are deaths to the driver or passengers in the car. Indeed, big rigs are involved in a disproportionate amount of fatal crashes. Semi trucks comprise only 3 per cent of the vehicles in use, yet they’re involved in 12 per cent of fatal accidents.

In the tragic event that someone in your family was injured or killed in a crash with an 18 wheeler or some other big rig, you have legal rights. You can get an 18 wheeler accident lawyer or personal injury attorney from our law firm to fight for your legal right to financial remedies for your losses.

18 Wheeler Accident

Certainly, a driver of a car or SUV can cause an accident with an 18 wheeler. Yet in many cases the big rig driver or truck line is responsible.

As professional drivers with loads to carry and deadlines to meet, 18 wheeler drivers often work for too many consecutive hours. As a result they may fall asleep while driving and cause a catastrophic accident at high speeds on highways.

Other big rig drivers may be overweight and suffering from sleep apnea, or they may be inadequately trained by the truck line, which can be the cause of a big rig accident.

In addition, 18-wheeler drivers may be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or they may be distracted by the many new electronics devices which often are installed in truck cabs. Some big rig drivers also tend to tailgate, speed and drive in other reckless ways.

Due to negligence by the trucking line, a semi truck vehicle could be inadequately maintained. That could result in a tire blowout or some other failure of the big rig, causing a catastrophic collision.

Large Truck Accident Injury

A large truck accident injury can be the most devastating of those in any crash or wreck. Most ordinary-sized vehicles simply are rolled over and crushed by the lumbering leviathans on America’s roads and highways, especially when a semi truck is proceeding at a high speed in order to meet a deadline to deliver its goods.

Such an 18 wheeler injury can impact the skull or brain, causing neurological damage, paralysis such as paraplegia or quadriplegia, or even death. Back, spinal or neck injuries also can cause paralysis as a life-changing tractor trailer injury.

Other big truck accident injuries can include broken bones or amputation of an arm or leg. Victims also may be disfigured or burned.

In short, 18 wheeler accident injuries can be life-changing, severe, debilitating and catastrophic. They often are among the worst injuries victims can suffer in any traffic accident or collision.

Truck Accident Costs

America must shoulder billions of dollars in losses due to truck accidents — losses both in terms of property damage and also the human cost of lost lives, medical care for survivors and lost productivity.

Someone must pay for such large truck accident costs. But it shouldn’t be the innocent victim in a car or another smaller vehicle that’s hit by a negligent big rig driver.

Truck Accident Lawsuit

Instead, that driver or a truck line employer can be held accountable with a truck accident lawsuit.

Victims of such a horrifying crash or their families shouldn’t delay in seeking an injury lawsuit. After all, trucking companies won’t delay. Rather, even when they are clearly at fault — or perhaps because of it — such companies may act quickly to gather and perhaps obscure evidence so that victims will have a tougher time claiming the accident injury damages to which they are legally entitled.

So don’t delay. Contact the Willis Law Firm today and get a free case review by a truck accident lawyer, so that you can explore your chances for a successful truck accident lawsuit.

Our law firm has long defended the rights of Americans who are harmed through no fault of their own in traffic accidents. We can provide you with a truck accident attorney to fight for you in the legal arena. He or she can claim the payments you are legally owed for your semi truck accident medical costs, lost present and future wages and pain and suffering.

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