Carson City, Nevada search and rescue teams found a local ATV driver dead due to an ATV Accident north of Carson City, NV. According to witnesses, the ATV driver, Lester Paul Junior was decapitated when his ATV hit a newly erected fence. The ATV was driving was found still running and his body some distance away.

All 4 wires on the fence were broken by the force of the impact of the ATV. This ATV accident possibly could have been prevented by installing reflectors, flags or boards so as to better increase visibility. This tragic ATV accident is being investigated by the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Public Safety officials need to not block roadways or paths, especially where ATV and motorcycle traffic has previously traveled without sufficient warnings and consideration. ATV Accidents are at an all time high as more ATV riders take to the off road. ATV rollovers and overturns are a leading cause of many deaths, spinal cord injuries and other serious ATV accidents.

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