Can I Get Compensation if I Was Injured in a Crash Caused by a Vehicle Defect?

Can I Get Compensation if I Was Injured in a Crash Caused by a Vehicle Defect?

Most of the time when vehicles collide, we assume one of the drivers was at fault. However, think about all the media reports you seee about vehicles being recalled because something is wrong with them. Maybe the fuel line has been known to catch fire or the brakes don’t work as they should. When vehicles have defects, they are dangerous. No matter how skilled the driver is, they may lose control of the vehicle and be unable to prevent a crash. If you have been hurt because of a defective car or car part, you should contact a Houston automotive defects lawyer.

According to Stout’s 2019 Automotive Defect & Recall Report, more than 1 in 5 cars in the U.S had an open recall in 2018. Meanwhile, 8 million vehicles were affected by software-based defects. According to the report, this was more than the previous five years combined and three times more than any other year. Electronics defects and airbag defects also featured prominently. Defective vehicles pose a danger to drivers, passengers, and other road users.

The Threats Posed by Automotive Defects

When we buy products, we expect them to work and to be reasonably safe when used as intended. Therefore, drivers expect vehicles to start and stop as they should and protect them if they get involved in an accident. You expect the seat belts to restrain you, the airbags to deploy and the body of the vehicle to stay intact reasonably well.

However, sometimes the seatbelt comes undone, airbags don’t deploy or they deploy at the wrong time, or the vehicle crumples unexpectedly. When these things happen, your injuries may be the result of a defect. Whatever the type of defect, serious injuries can result. In the case of fire or an explosion, the injuries can be fatal.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries because of a vehicle defect, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries and related losses. Almost any entity in the supply chain can be held liable including product designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. A Houston automotive defects attorney can help you to get compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income and lost earning capacity
  • Physical pain
  • Mental suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement

At the Willis Law Firm, P.C., our injury attorneys have lots of experience in handling cases involving automotive defects. We believe that victims should be able to recover their losses and we will fight to ensure that they do.

Common Types of Auto Defects

Operating a motor vehicle is always somewhat dangerous. No matter how careful you are, you can’t predict what will happen on the city’s roads. Hazardous road conditions, poor weather, and reckless drivers all pose threats. However, some dangers lie in the vehicle itself, either yours or that of another driver. The vehicle may leave the assembly line with a problem or even be inherently dangerous because of its design.

Defects fall into three categories: design defects, manufacturers defects, and marketing defects. Design defects occur in the design or engineering process and the vehicle has a problem even before it is made. Manufacturing defects occur while the vehicle is being made. They can be due to a range of factors including human error and the use of substandard materials. Marketing or failure to warn defects indicate the lack or proper warning or labeling regarding a product’s dangers.

Defects often affect:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Seat belts
  • Airbags
  • Gas tanks
  • Fuel lines
  • Roofs
  • Chassis
  • Seatbacks

Contact The Houston Auto Defect Attorneys at Willis Law Today

A car accident can change your life significantly. If your injuries are serious, you won’t be able to work. In many cases, this is a temporary situation, but some victims are never able to work again. At the same time, they are saddled with high medical bills and both mental and physical challenges. It’s easy to feel like the situation is hopeless. However, you don’t have to struggle on your own or endure hardship when your injuries were not your fault.

Houston auto defect attorneys can help you to get the compensation you deserve. We’ll review your case and ensure we identify the right at-fault party. Then, we will gather all the necessary evidence to support your claim for damages. If negotiations don’t work out, we’re not afraid to take the case all the way to trial. You can be sure that we will fight hard for you. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. You won’t have to pay any fees upfront if you decide to hire us.

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