Coleman PowerMate 5045 Heater Carbon Monoxide Deaths – No Product Recall. Coleman Powermate Propane Heater Deaths Coleman propane heaters have recently been linked to a number of carbon monoxide (CO) deaths. Two product liability lawsuits have been filed on December 14, 2006 in which it is alleged that the Coleman PowerMate 5045 propane heater caused the death of five people. Like most propane heaters, the Coleman PowerMate 5045 heater produces carbon monoxide that can kill. Willis Law Firm is investigating reports of carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from the use of the Coleman PowerMate 5045 heater. Various other heaters may also be defective marketed under the “PowerMate” or “Focus” brands. Coleman, now part of Jarden Corporation, is a provider of camping equipment, stoves, lanterns, and heaters. Coleman sold over one million propane tank top heaters without oxygen depletion sensors or CO safety devices between 1984 and 2004. Coleman Powermate 5045 Deaths for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning This problemwith this type of Coleman heater is the large amount of carbon monoxide (CO) that it can produce in such a short period. Coleman no longer produces this propane heater, but many of them are still in use. Families of seven victims who died in three separate incidents have notified the Consumer Safety Protection Commission (CPSC), asking that theses Coleman Powermate heaters be recalled. No Coleman Heater Recall Announced Thus far, no CPSC recall of the Coleman Powermate 5045 Heater recall has been implemented by the CPSC or Coleman. These propane heaters have been manufactured since 1984. A precursor to the Coleman PowerMate portable porpane / butane tank heater was called “Focus” Coleman Powermate 5045 Death The Coleman Company has been sued in connection with a malfunctioning propane heater that killed a man and a young boy in 1999. The victim’s family were on a hunting and camping trip, where they used the Coleman Powermate heater in their tent while they slept. As a result the Coleman Powermate heater filled the tent with carbon monoxide. A Washington State another couple died in 2000 after using an earlier model Coleman heater in their tent. The families used the PowerMate 5045 heater to heat their campers before they went to bed. The Coleman Powermate 5045 propane tank mounted heater is marketed as an industrial heater and have a higher BTU output than models designed for camping. But it is strongly believed that Coleman is aware that hunters and campers are using the product in the exact manner that is killing these people. Coleman Powermate 5045 Propane Heater Lawsuit If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury or a loved one as died from the use of a Coleman PowerMate 5045 heater or any other portable propane or butane heater model, then you should speak with a lawyer to discuss your legal rights. Please call Toll Free 1-800-883-9858 to discuss. Talk with a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer with over 23+ years of experience in handling catastrophc injury and death cases. Nationwide Assistance on Coleman Heater Injury & Death Cases is Available.

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