The Consumer Product Safety Commission on March 19, 2015 issued a CPSC elevator recall for around 240 Elmira Hydraulic residential hydraulic elevators. This recall followed reports of injuries and deaths due to the residential elevators, with the victims often being children.

The recalled elevators have two doors or gates, between which it is possible for a child to become trapped. If the elevator then moves, the child’s body can be crushed against objects as the elevator pinning the child moves through the elevator shaft.

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Accidents Involving Elevators

The elevators in the CPSC recall were manufactured in Canada and sold by Coastal Carolina Elevators. That business reportedly has gotten three reports of accidents involving the elevators. One of those involved Jordan Nelson, 10, of Baltimore, Md.

After becoming entrapped in an elevator apparatus he suffered catastrophic brain injury and quadriplegia. The elevator was in a Murrells Inlet, S.C. vacation house which had been rented by his family.

The CPSC has advised anyone having or using such a recalled elevator to stop using it immediately and to contact Coastal Carolina. Any repairs made would be for free.

Manufacturer Responsibility

Repairs wouldn’t be needed if such swing-door residential elevators were designed and made properly in the first place, with user safety the chief priority. The manufacturer has a responsibility to provide safety for customers.

In the case of the recalled elevators, the manufacturer was Cambridge Elevating. The elevators were sold at prices ranging as high as $25,000.

Yet no industry-wide safety standards have been applied to safeguard such elevators. Instead, dangerous residential elevators have been placed in American homes for many years, with numerous grisly and horrifying injuries and deaths being reported, often involving children.

Elevator Lawsuits

At least victims’ families have a legal right to seek economic recovery by means of elevator lawsuits. In fact, in the case of the Baltimore boy, a settled of $16.3 million was reached in the legal arena.

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