Mobile Home Fire – Product Liability Lawsuits for Defective Homes

Mobile Home Fires, Injuries, Burns & Deaths

Talk to a lawyer / attorney if you or a loved one has been injured or a loved one killed in a mobile home fire.Mobile home fire lawsuit lawyer, attorney Many mobile homes were built with dangerous and inferior wiring, poorly installed butane & Propane gas lines, ultra flammable materials and overall they were not designed for safety. In fact according a government study, almost three times more people die in a mobile fire than in conventional homes. Mobile home fires are not limited to just traditional single wide mobile homes, but also, double wide mobile home, triple wide  mobile homes, park models, travel trailers, motor homes, (5th) fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers and other recreational vehicles.

Mobile Home Fire Deaths – Why so many?

The record number of deaths in mobile home fires may be related to the mobile home fire lawyer attorneyway a fire spreada in a mobile home due to the materials the mobile home is made of and the design of the mobile home structure itself can intensify the amount of heat and smoke from a fire. Mobile home fires are often caused by defective electrical appliances, use of aluminum wiring, lack of ground fault devices, GFCI,  space heater, heating failures, faulty wiring, poorly installed or broken butane / propane gas appliances and leaking gas lines and valves.

Fast & Deadly Mobile Home Fires

A fire in mobile home spreads differently than non mobile home type of structures. This difference in fire pattern or spread is due mainly to the enclosed box design. As such a fire does not have a attic to burn towards and ultimately vent out, but instead the fire moves horizonitally from room to room, thereby creating a dangerous situation to all inside. This design allows the fire, heat, smoke and flames to spreader quicker and cuts down on the time an occupant has to try and escape. This type of spreading also increasing the chances that an exit will be blocked due to the fire and heat. Besides the dangers of the fire itself, the toxic smoke from mattresses, carpet, burning insulation, foam products and furniture  in a mobile home, park model homes and even in travel trailers can be deadly to the adults and children.

Mobile Home Lawsuits – Free Legal Consultation

Call the Willis Law Firm in Houston, Texas if you or a loved one have been seriously injured, burned or a loved one has been lost, as the result of a mobile home, trailer trailer, motor home or RV fire and discuss your legal rights to a potential product liability lawsuit. Time is of the essence! In mobile home fire cases, it is very important that the fire scene be preserved and documented as evidence. Please fill out our online form or call Toll Free at 1-800-883-9858.



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