According to government research, three times as many people die in mobile home fires, proportionately, than in single and two-family home fires. For every 1,000 fires that break out, 21 victims will die in mobile home fires while fewer than seven will die in single or two-family dwellings. In the average year, there are over 22,000 mobile home fires, killing five hundred people and injuring over a thousand people. The primary cause of a mobile home fire is the problem is that fire spreads rapidly through mobile home contents, while the mobile home structure itself intensifies heat and smoke buildup. Additionally, there are fewer exits in a mobile home than traditional home. Sadly about 20% of these mobile home fire deaths are that of young children. The major culprits of these mobile home fires are defective electrical appliances, heating and wiring failures in the mobile homes. Another larger percentage of mobile home fires are from defective, poorly installed or broken butane and propane gas appliances, gas line valve and leaks. Fires in mobile homes spread differently than in traditional houses due to the square box design and no large attic space for the fire and heat to vent or escape, while the occupant try to escape the deadly heat, smoke and fire. Additional dangers are from the deadly smoke from the burning insulation, foam products, mattresses and furniture often densely placed in small spaces in a mobile home, park model homes and even in travel trailers. A mobile home fire products liability lawsuit for serious personal injuries, burns and deaths in cases may be filed against the mobile home manufacturer, mobile home part supplier or installer. Mobile home fire lawsuits may be filed due to defective design of the mobile home walls, lack of smoke stop panels or draft stops in the ceiling space of the mobile homes, to prevent spread of the smoke & fire, defective mobile home wiring, gas, butane and propane products, defective mobile home appliances or electrical devices, excessive use of non fire retardant materials and poorly placed & narrow doors and escape routes in many mobile homes.Some mobile home fires happen as a result of mobile home butane leaks, propane fires and electrical fires. Talk to a mobile home fire lawyer about a mobile home fire injury lawsuit. Product Liability Lawsuit for Serious Personal Injuries, Burns & Deaths From Mobile Home Fires If you or a loved one have suffered an serious injury, burn or you have lost a loved one due to a mobile home fire, then call and talk to a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Get a Free Confidential Consultation. Time is of the essence! In mobile home fire cases, it is very important that the fire scene be preserved and documented as evidence. Call Toll Free 1-800-883-9858
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