pocket rocket lawsuit, pocket bike lawsuitsPocket bikes, also known as pocket rockets or miniature motorcycles,  have hit the streets of United States, literally and figuratively.
These extra small powerful and fast motor bikes are low to the ground and can acheive speeds of over 45 mph and a few over 60 mph.They are sold in auto parts stores, discount stores and over the internet. They are often sold without helmets or any other safety equipment. In many cities these pocketbikes and pocketrockets have been banned on the streets and sidewalks due to the potentiality of serious injuries and deaths. These pocket bikes are either electric (battery operated) or gasoline engine operated.
The size and the speed of these pocket bikes only add to their danger. Because they are so low to the ground or street, often a car or  truck can not see the rider resulting in a collision often with the likihood of serious injury or death. Another serious problem is the pocket bike hitting a hole, curb or other obstruction, causing a collision, rollover or “wipe out”. The brakes of these pocket bikes are often under-sized or inadequate to stop the bike with a rider, resulting in unnecessary injuries and deaths from accidentsand wrecks that might have been avoided otherwise.

The written warnings of pocket bikes are often inadequate to convey the seriousness of the potential dangers associated with these small miniature motorcyles. The pocket rocket warnings are especially inadequate to young riders. Most do not come with any type of video or graphic pictures to help explain the dangers to these riders or their parents. These pocket bikes look fun and sized to fit children, but the size and the speed is the killer. They are often used without helmets, gloves or other protective gear. The speeds of pocket bikes only add to the amount and severity of injuires and the higher chances of spinal cord injuries and head injuries from pocket bike wrecks and accidents. The low profile of pocket bikes make them easy to miss or see to a car backing out of one’s driveway or coming around a blind corner. The sound of the engine of these pocket rocket bikes is often so loud that hearing damage is likely and the high noise level also may prevent the rider from hearing the sound from an oncoming car or warning horn.
A number of serious injuries and deaths have occurred on these pocket rockets , including a death of a Kansas rider that was hit after a car ran a stop sign, a death in Missouri while hit by a car in a parking lot, another death in Pennsylvania, and a death of the pocket bike driver when he hit a pothole in New York.  There are many other serious injury cases related to the use of pocket bikes that are not reported, therefore the actual numbers of serious injuries and deaths are hard to determine.  
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