How Does Your Texas Car Accident Lawyer Prove an Auto Defect?

How Does Your Texas Car Accident Lawyer Prove an Auto Defect?

Most car accidents in Houston are caused by simple negligence. Somebody makes a mistake while behind the wheel and it causes a crash. Maybe they were driving a little too fast. Or, they didn’t pay attention to the car in front of them and rear-ended them. These things happen. They’re annoying and can be quite dangerous. But, at least with these sorts of cases, you know who was at fault. You file your claim against their insurance policy and pray that it’s approved.

There are other times, however, when you may not know who is at fault. If you get into a single-car accident, there are a few possibilities. First, it could have been caused by another driver. Maybe somebody cut you off or passed you and it caused you to crash. Sadly, if they take off, there’s not much you can do. You’ll have to file a claim under your own insurance policy to cover your medical care and property damage.

Another possibility is that there was something wrong with the road and it caused you to crash. Maybe there was a piece of construction equipment left in the middle of the road. Or, there’s a new pothole and it causes your tire to blow. In cases like this, your Houston car accident lawyer can try to sue the city. However, these cases are hard to prove and may take a while.

Finally, your accident could’ve been caused by a mechanical defect. If there’s something wrong with your car, it can certainly cause an accident. If this happens, your car accident attorney in Texas will have to pursue the manufacturer of your vehicle. Or, they may have a claim against the mechanic who serviced your car. Here, we’ll talk briefly about the most common auto defects. We’ll also explain the process for pursuing the responsible party in Houston.

What are the Most Common Auto Defects in Houston?

There are all sorts of possible auto defects. Many of these don’t really pose a safety risk. However, there are a handful that can be unsafe and cause automobile accidents. Some of these, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration include the following:

  • Steering Defects – Obviously, if something goes wrong with your steering mechanism, you can get into a crash. If you lose control of your car, you’re liable to crash into another vehicle or an inanimate object.
  • Fuel System – If something goes awry with your fuel system, your car can stall out in the middle of traffic. This can cause you to crash into another car. It can also cause you to ride into a ditch or tree.
  • Wheels – If your wheels break down, you can absolutely crash your car. This can be one of the biggest defects with your automobile.
  • Airbags – These are some of the biggest auto defects. It’s not so much that these defects cause an accident. It’s more that they can release when they’re not supposed to and cause physical injuries.
  • Seatbelts –If your seatbelt locks up, it may make you crash your car. Or, it can cut into your neck or chest.

While these are the most common defects, there are certainly others. You have to make sure you explain your situation to your car accident lawyer in Houston in your first meeting. They’ll need to know what the defect was in order to know who to pursue for damages.

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Houston, Texas

If you get into a car accident as a result of an auto defect, you need a good lawyer. These cases can become quite complicated and it wouldn’t be wise to try to handle it yourself. That’s why you should call an experienced auto accident lawyer in Houston right away. They can review your case and let you know what your options are. They can let you know who they think may be responsible for your crash. They can also give you an idea of what your case may be worth.

These cases do become complicated. There may be more than one defendant and you have to make sure you name them all upfront. Your Houston accident lawyer will make sure this is handled properly. Call today and schedule your free initial consultation. Sit down with someone who’s handled plenty of auto defect cases in the past. The consultation is free and you don’t pay until you win your case.

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