Bucket trucks is the generic term often used to describe these common and versatile truck mounted aerial buckets. Bucket trucks are used on repairing or installing electrical power lines, cable lines, telephone lines, painting, tree trimming construction, erection of signs and equipment and hundreds of other daily uses. Bucket truck accidents with powerlines or tip-overs can be deadly. Most aerial bucket accidents are preventable. Bucket truck owners and rental companies are often negligent in not providing sufficient training to prevent these dangers.

Leading manufacturers of bucket trucks, aerial lift trucks and telescoping aerial lifts include:

  • ALC
  • Altec Bucket Trucks
  • Duralift Dur-A-Lift Telescopic Aerial Lifts
  • Elliott HiReach Telescoping Aerial Lifts
  • ETI – Equipment Technology, LLC
  • Lift All Aerial Lift Trucks
  • Pitman Utility Products
  • Pelican PL Series of Lift Trucks and Bucket Trucks
  • Terex Telelect Hi Ranger
  • Versalift Bucket Trucks

Often these aerial lift or bucket trucks are rented on a daily basis and often without sufficient training, warnings or instruction as to safe use. Many of the owned and rented bucket trucks have maintenance issues, lack safety equipment, lack warnings and some are just worn out. When a bucket truck has not been properly maintained, the hand controls can stick or fail to properly control the movement of the bucket, move without warning causing sudden movement, falls and even collapse of the articulated arm.

When the controls for the bucket control operator are not working as designed, especially when the bucket truck and operator are near high voltage electrical powerlines, then catastrophic injuries are waiting to happen. Bucket truck contact with a overhead power line can lead to severe electrical burns and death. Direct contact with an overhead power line by a bucket truck operator or even a indirect contact with a energized power line through a tree branch or other contact can kill bucket truck operators and others near the bucket truck. A proper working bucket truck is essential to operator and worker safety. Anything else is unacceptable.

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