Mesothelioma and Railroad Workers

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, has probably already been told that they must have been to asbestos. Many products in years past had extremely high concentrations of asbestos including insulation (pipe, boiler,block & Cement),locomotive / railroad brakes and clutches, textiles, fireproofing, spackling, patching compounds, gaskets, packings, asbestos-cement pipe, sheet material, ceiling tiles, wallboard, siding, roofing and brakes on automotives and trucks.

Asbestos diseases follow a “dose-response” relationship curve, meaning the more asbestos fibers one inhales(doses) AND the higher number of exposures, then the higher the risk of an asbestos related disease. NOTE: neither, either or both MAY lead to one becomes sick from that exposure depends in part as to ones susceptibility to asbestos.The shortest latency period (from the date of first exposure) for asbestosis is roughly 5-10 years, although often it takes 30-40 years or more from the first exposure before the disease is diagnosed. There is no maximum latency period, since asbestos fibers remain in the lungs for life.

Crystalline silica may be of several distinct types.Quartz, a form of silica and the most common mineral on earth, is contained in many types of rocks and is the major component of sand. Concrete and masonry products contain silica and rock and rock containing silica.When workers inhale crystalline silica (dust), the lung tissue reacts by developing fibrotic nodules and scarring around the trapped silica particles

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