Hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) compounds are a group of chemical substances that contain the metallic element chromium in its positive-6 valence (hexavalent) state. Occupational exposures to Hexavalent chromium occur during the production of chromate chemicals, stainless steel and chromate pigments. Chromate chemicals exposures also occur during other work activities such as chrome plating, stainless steel welding, thermal cutting, painting, and coating processes.

NIOSH considers all Hexavalent chromium compounds to be potential occupational carcinogens. An increased risk of lung cancer has been demonstrated in workers exposed to Hexavalent chromium compounds. Other chrome plating, adverse health effects associated with Hexavalent chromium exposure include dermal irritation, skin ulceration, allergic contact dermatitis, occupational asthma, nasal irritation and ulceration, perforated nasal septa, rhinitis, nosebleed, respiratory irritation, nasal cancer, sinus cancer, eye irritation and damage, perforated eardrums, kidney damage, liver damage, pulmonary congestion and edema, epigastric pain, and erosion and discoloration of the teeth.

Hexavalent chromium compounds vary in solubility from those that are readily soluble to those which are practically insoluble in water. In 1975 NIOSH documented the carcinogenic effects of water-insoluble hexavalent chromium compounds. The NIOSH 1988 testimony to OSHA on the air contaminants standard recommended that all Cr(VI) compounds, regardless of their degree of solubility in water, be considered occupational carcinogens. NIOSH is currently reviewing and evaluating the available information on Hexavalent chromium compounds including the toxicology, health effects, industrial hygiene, and analytical chemistry literature in order to update its 1975 criteria document on Hexavalent chromium.

Hexavalent Chromium Injury Lawsuit

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