Tyson Foods Ammonia Gas Leak – Leads to the death of one worker and serious injuries to another. An ammonia gas lawsuit likely against Tyson.

Ammonia Gas Death at Tyson Plant

SOUTH HUTCHINSON – One worker was killed and another hospitalized after an ammonia gas leak at the Tyson Foods Inc. plant.

While working at the Tyson Foods plant, a 51-year-old man was killed and another 55-year-old man was hospitalized with chemical burns after the accident. The men were refrigeration workers at the Tyson Foods plant. They came in contact with ammonia gas after a refrigeration line broke outside of the main plant at Tyson Foods Inc.

This Tyson Food ammonia gas inhaltion accident happened on Nov. 1st, 2006.

Ammonia Gas Exposure Inhalation Lawsuit

The Willis Law Firm in Houston, Texas has previously represented five workers with ammonia gas inhation when they were exposed to high pressure ammonia gas at Western Packing Plant in Sealy, Texas. The ammonia gas lines had been cut by a worker employed by another contractor. When the ammonia gas valve was opened, the high pressure ammonia gas engulfed 15 workers and seriously injured six workers. The ammonia gas injuries included severe lung damage, eye damage and respritory damage. An ammonia gas lawsuit was settled out of court. For a free case consultation concerning this Tyson Food accident or any other ammonia gas inhalation severe injury or death, call Houston, Texas Trial Lawyer for more information and help.

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