March 23, 2005


TEXAS CITY, Texas Mar 24, 2005 — All but one of the 1,800 or so oil refinery workers have been accounted for after overnight search efforts following the thunderous blast killed 14 and injured more than 100 others, officials said Thursday. "We think we found all the people," refinery manager Don Parus said. The fiery blast Wednesday at BP’s 1,200-acre plant near Houston shot flames high into the sky, forced schoolchildren to cower under their desks and showered plant grounds with ash and chunks of charred metal. Windows rattled more than five miles away.
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Fourteen believed killed in refinery explosion
TEXAS CITY, TEX. An explosion rocked a BP oil refinery yesterday, injuring more than 100 people and sending flames and black smoke billowing into the sky in a blast so thunderous it could be felt for several kilometres. At least 14 people were feared dead.Workers were searching through rubble for survivors or bodies last night. The cause of the blast was not immediately known. Most of the injured suffered broken bones, cuts or concussions.Refinery manager Don Parus said BP was waiting on an official death-toll confirmation from the medical examiner’s office, but added, "it’s my deep regret that we believe we have 14 losses of life.
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Texas oil refinery explosion kills 14
TEXAS CITY, Texas — A thunderous explosion tore through a BP oil refinery yesterday, shooting flames and billowing smoke into the sky and showering the area with ash and chunks of charred metal. At least 14 were believed dead, and more than 100 were injured. The cause of the explosion was not known. Workers searched through rubble for survivors or bodies into last night, several hours after the blast. An undetermined number of workers were unaccounted for; most of the injured suffered broken bones, cuts, concussions and other injuries.
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14 dead in refinery explosion
March 24, 2005 An explosion had rocked BP’s sprawling refining complex in Texas City, Texas, killing at least 14 and causing extensive damage, the company said."We believe 14 people lost their lives as a result of the fire," BP site director Don Parus said. An estimated 100 people were injured by the powerful blast, which shattered windows and shook buildings for miles around, BP and area health officials said. Of the injured, more than 70 were working at the facility, plant spokesman Bill Stephens said. "It’s a sad day for BP," Mr Parus said from the third-largest US crude oil refinery. The blast sent a huge plume of black smoke billowing into the sky near the city of Galveston. The plant is about 56km south-east of downtown Houston. The explosion took place on the western side of the sprawling 485.6ha complex in one of the units used to make high-grade fuels. Company officials said the cause was not immediately known. BP said it did not suspect a terrorist attack was behind the blast, which caused several scattered fires at the plant that took firefighters about two hours to extinguish. "We have no reason to believe this was anything caused by an outside agent," company spokesman Hugh Depland said.
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