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The maritime and offshore industry uses cranes in almost every phase of daily work. Different types of marine cranes include boat cranes, deck cranes, offshore cranes, cargo cranes, transfer cranes, workboat cranes and oilrig oil platform cranes. These marine & offshore crane by their very nature of carrying and lifting heavy objects are also capable of dropping those same objects, falls, collapses, tip-overs and other crane accidents including overloading, stress failures, metal fatigue, poor maintenance related failures and operator error, owner negligence and other issues involving negligent crane operation.

Maritime, offshore & ship crane accidents are preventable. Serious injuries & deaths form ship cranes can be everlasting. Safety, especially at sea, long distances from medical care is essential. On behalf of ship, boat, barge & offshore workers, crane safety must be job one. The Jones Act, DOHSA & the General Maritime Law are available to an injured worker or their family in case of a maritime, offshore or ship related crane disaster involving injury or death.

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