Oilfield Injury Accidents

Oil field drilling whether it is onshore or offshore can be very dangerous. In fact oil rig explosions, pipeline explosion accidents and frac work accidents are some of the most costly in human lives. The oilfield workers handling of heavy pipe, tongs, slips, cables, drill stems, and other equipment also involves health and safety risks. Noise, vibration and exposure to toxic chemicals are further issues in both upstream and downstream operations. Oil rig accidents and oil field accidents happen daily, and under most circumstance they could have been prevented but for the negligence or carelessness of one or more companies, 3rd parties, co-employees, employers, well owner and driling contractors.

Oil Field Injury Accidents

As oil fields accidents happen sometime in remote and hostile environments. Many oilfield accidents happen as the result of the exploitation of the oilfield workers requiring them to reside at or near the workplaces for long periods, in rotation. Working conditions associated with this pattern of living and working have many special features that can cause problems: e.g. transportation risks, long shifts, social isolation, in cramped working and sleeping facilities.

Where facilities are located in remote areas,the transportation to and from the installations can also pose significant risks. The number of oilfield fatalities has increased in recent years and a single incident is likely to lead to multiple injuries or fatalities.

Reasons For Many Oil Field Injuries

Oilfield workers are often forced to work long periods of time without adequate rest, forced to take chances in the spirit of being a team player, forced to work with some workers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, work beside oilfield workers that often take short cuts and ignore established safety standards in order to keep the drilling rig operating at a high profit rate. Another problem is the hiring of green or inexperienced workers that have not been properly trained. Hiring and working oilfield workers that are not skilled, at a fast pace and while some are on drugs, is a recipe for disaster, serious injuries and even death.

Oil Field Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one have been injured in a oil field accident, oil or gas well drilling rig accident or any other type of oil field work, wireline work, workover, frac work, or pipeline work then you should an attorney that is experienced in many types of oil field accidents. Whether the case involves a injuries from a defective product or equipment, negligent third (3rd) party contractor, workers compensation claim, a broken, worn-out or defective tool, or other oil well contractors or companies, the injured worker or family needs legal assistance to protect their rights. The Willis Firm in located in Houston, Texas. Mr. Willis is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1988. Call for a Free Case Evaluation at 1-800-883-9858 Nationwide Assistance is Available.

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