Oil Rig Falls & Injuries

Jobs on oil rigs can be dangerous work, and some of the worst dangers involve oil rig falls. Such falls during oil drilling operations can occur due to poorly maintained equipment, bad steps, lack of handrails, and falls by objects or equipment, poorly trained workers and other factors and can be worsened by inadequate fall protection or safety harnesses for workers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that just over 4 percent of all oil and gas workers are injured on the job every year. Many such injuries are due to falls. Safety deficiencies are the responsibility of the oil rig owner, operator, contractor, subcontractor or third party personnel and can be the basis for an oil rig fall lawsuit waged in workers’ behalf by the Willis Law Firm.

Falls From Great Heights on Oil Rigs

Oil rig falls are particularly dangerous since the great heights of many rigs mean the worker can fall a fatal distance. Such falls don’t command headlines as do massive explosions on land-based or offshore oil or gas rigs, but they can be just as deadly for workers.

Indeed, many oilfield accidents involve falls from great heights, such as a 2012 fatal fall by a worker in Shreveport, LA from 90 feet. That fall was from a land-based rig, but offshore oil platforms and jackup rigs can be even higher, with one rig reaching nearly the height of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, or about 875 feet. Falls from oil rigs also can involve slip and fall accidents on slippery surfaces, which can be wet or oily given the nature of the work. Oil-based mud on the floor of a rig also can be treacherous, leading to worker falls.

Workers who lack adequate footwear can fall, and workers can be tripped by objects which are positioned improperly. Falling tools, object or debris can be deadly to workers. Besides worker falls from great heights, oilfield workers also can be injured or killed by machinery falling from platforms. Also, employers often do not apply proper safety measures, such as providing proper netting or guardrails, and this can lead to oil rig falls. Also contributing can be loose flooring, slippery catwalks or stairs and unsecured or slippery ladders.

Injuries From Oil Rig Falls

Even workers who survive falling from an oil rig may suffer life-changing injuries from such falls. Broken bones are common in oil rig falls, and such bones can include the neck or spine, leading to paralysis or partial paralysis.

Workers also can be severely cut by objects on which they fall, perhaps leading to amputation of a hand, arm, foot or leg.

Traumatic brain injury is another possible debilitating injury from an oil rig fall, making a worker incapacitated and unable to work again.

Oil Rig Fall Lawsuit

Such severe injuries, as well as oil rig accident deaths, are extremely costly to the families of oil rig workers and can be the basis for an oil rig fall lawsuit. To find out your prospects for a successful injury lawsuit, notify the Willis Law Firm today. We’ll hasten to provide you with a free legal review of your case and then will advise you on your chances for claiming substantial payments for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Contact us today, and let’s get started helping you and your family get on the road to financial recovery after an oil rig fall.

Falls are among oilfield accidents which happen regularly in South Texas, particularly in the Eagle Ford Shale play, an area that includes La Salle County, Atascosa County, DeWitt County, Karnes County, Live Oak County, Frio County, Webb County, McMullen County, Gonzales County and Dimmit County. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) holds businesses and employers responsible and accountable for their failures in terms of work safety. State and federal safety laws often are not followed. Why? Some oil and gas energy companies are geared toward corporate profits, and these profits often are gained at the expense of costly or time-consuming safety efforts. Workers, then, are victimized by their employer’s negligence.

All too often, roustabouts or drillers in South Texas oilfield or elsewhere are pushed to work double shifts or at least long hours to meet a quota deadline. This causes fatigue in workers, which can contribute to worker accident injuries. Oil companies also may hire and press into service people who are not adequately trained to do a challenging drilling rig job. Workers’ lack of sufficient preparation also can lead to accident injuries. Oil and gas companies also may rush older, unused wells into new production, and in the process ignore that such wells have outdated or worn-out machinery or equipment which can malfunction when pressed back into use.

You May Need an Oilfield Accident Lawyer

When oilfield accidents ensue, workers become victims of a petroleum industry which is notorious for cutting costs and corners, causing injuries to workers on oil rigs, gas rigs and pipelines.

If someone in your family was a victim of an oilfield accident in South Texas, or anywhere else, notify the Willis Law Firm today. You may need an oilfield accident lawyer. With the Willis Law Firm, you’ll quickly get a free legal consultation for your case. Then, if you decide to engage us, you won’t pay us anything until we win that case for you. So let’s get started claiming the payments you need. Negligent oil companies are rich enough without making more money by denying you the payments you deserve.

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