A 59-year-old oilrig driller died on May 28, 2004 from head trauma he received after falling through an opening in the drilling floor. The decedent and his co-workers had just finished raising the derrick into the upright position. During the oil rig assembly process (rigging up), the crew worked on the drilling floor with unguarded openings due to an error in process sequencing where four floor panels were not available at the appropriate time for installation.

Oilrig Deck Floor Unguarded Opening / Hole causes Death

As a result of the delay in the delivery of panels, the crew erected the derrick without them and intended to later use the rig’s air hoist line to lift and place the panels. In order to install the air hoist, the bridle line had to first be disconnected. The victim and four other workers were coiling the legs of the line when the socket assembly at the end of one of the legs fell through an opening in the derrick floor causing the coils to start moving.

Oilrig Driller Fall to Death

The line caught the feet of the victim and dragged him over the opening. He struck his head on the edge of the opening and fell 27 feet to the ground. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead three hours later. Another worker was caught by the moving line, flung into the air, and dragged to the edge of the opening, but did not fall and only suffered minor injuries.

Oil Field Injury Attorney

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