OSHA Report Cites Employer in Oilfield Explosion

OSHA report cites that unsafe work conditions contributed to a deadly Mississippi oilfield explosion in 2006. This accident report was released at a news conference in Jackson, MS on June 12, 2007 in which three workers were killed in the June 5, 2006, in an oilfield explosion at the Partridge-Raleigh LLC oil field.

Welding Sparks Caused Explosion

According to OSHA, the accident occurred as employees welded pipes connecting used oil storage tanks. OSHA said vapors in one tank that contained hydrocarbon vapors from the oil residue had traveled through the piping and sparks ignited the vapors. OSHA requires that all vessels, lines or pipes be completely purged before any welding or cutting begins. The employer of the three killed, Stringer Oilfield Services,had been hired to move oil storage tanks. They were cited for allowing welding in an explosive atmosphere, failing to protect employees working on the tanks, failing to ventilate or take steps to prevent heat or sparks from entering the piping and tanks and failing to provide written safety programs for employees working in confined spaces.

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