Ever since the first railcar was invented, there has been the need to have a lifting device to assist in railroad work, track repair, maintenance and right-a-way work and railroad yard work. Track cranes, railroad cranes, railcar cranes and railroad yard cranes have evolved to meet the daily need for heavy duty lifting capabilities. When railroad crane accidents and injuries occur, the injuries to the railroad worker are covered under the F.E.L.A.

Another essential crane is the breakdown crane. These gigantic heavy duty cranes are employed when a railroad car or train car has overturned or come off the consist and has to be lifted back on the railroad tracks. When the engine has derailed, or overturned, several heavy duty recovery or breakdown cranes are usually needed to right a train engine due to the tremendous weight involved. Another often used and necessary railway crane used in track work are small rail mounted with a high speed railway chassis, telescopic boom that allows suspended loads to travel level down the rails.

Like all other types of cranes, accidents can occur. Railway and railroad yard cranes are no exception. Many railroad crane accidents occur when objects are lifted and fall unexpectedly or the load is dropped or falls form the railroad crane and to a lesser degree, when a railroad crane tips over or falls over. Railroad crane accidents and injuries are covered under the FELA and in some cases a products liability claim or lawsuits can be maintained against the crane manufacturer or crane designer in case of design defects or manufacturing defects of the crane.

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